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I offer counseling and psychotherapy for:

Adults:  In adult psychotherapy, there are several approaches we can use to
help you gain relief from distressing emotions and symptoms.  We may
focus on coping skills, gaining insight, and strengthening relationships.  
We will work to replace self-defeating patterns with more positive ones.  
For anxiety, mindfulness and relaxation exercises can be effective, too.  If
medication is indicated, I can refer you to a doctor for a consultation and
coordinate treatment accordingly.

Children and families:  With children I often include games, artwork, and
other types of play, because children naturally express themselves through
these forms.  We can explore any issues which are troubling your child,
such as coping with divorce, an illness or death in the family, difficulties at
school or with friends, or perhaps an underlying behavioral or
psychological condition.  Parent consultation or family therapy can
enhance direct work with a child or provide valuable support on its own.

Parent-infant therapy:  Adjusting to parenthood can be stressful.  Perhaps
you feel exhausted and wonder how you will ever tend to your baby,
and your marriage or relationship?  Maybe you feel deeper
feelings of postpartum anxiety or "blues" or your baby is difficult to
soothe?  There may be challenges such as adoption, caring for a premature
infant or multiples, or learning to parent when one's own childhood didn't
provide a good model.  I sometimes find it helpful to work with parents
and their infants together, in order to strengthen feelings of connection and
joy, build parents' confidence, and support the baby's development.  If you
wish, we can meet at your home instead of at my office (see description of
home visits below).  Together, we can address any obstacle to your new
family's well-being.

Regardless of the type of counseling chosen, flexibility and compassion are
the driving forces of my practice.  I value diversity in people and in the
various ways to form a family.  Likewise, although I am versed in several
of the major psychotherapy models, we will find the approach which suits
you best.  I welcome your input throughout the process.

Office or Home Visits:

I am available to meet with you at my office in Lexington or at your
home, provided it is located within a reasonable distance.  Particularly for
new parents, home visits can provide a more comfortable setting for you
and your baby or children.  For some clients, it can even make the
difference in being able to obtain counseling.  *
Please note: There is an
additional fee for home visits, determined by the travel time required.

Consultation, Training and Clinical Supervision:

I offer consultation, workshops, and behavioral assessments to early
childhood and elementary school professionals and agency staffs.  I also
offer clinical supervision to newer clinicians.

Payment and Insurance:

Insurance:  I accept Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance (Indemnity, PPO and
HMO plans).  I also accept other carriers' PPO plans as an out-of-network
provider, and many indemnity plans.  Certain services, such as the travel
portion of home visit psychotherapy, are
not covered by insurance.  For
questions about coverage, please contact your provider about the specifics
of your plan.

Private payment:  Some clients prefer to pay privately for psychotherapy,
which allows greater privacy and control over treatment.  My rates are
reasonable and I may be able to offer a sliding fee scale.  I request payment
at the time of each session unless other arrangements are made.
To learn more, please contact me at
(781) 864-6630 or
  • Adults (individuals, couples, groups)
  • Children and families
  • Parent-infant pairs
Types of Counseling and Psychotherapy:
Home Visits Available
Caring psychotherapy
for issues of pregnancy,
parenting and childhood.
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